It’s amazing how being a Christian has changed me so much, I don’t get to live for myself anymore but to help people, even if you haven’t met them before you still want to help. I guess it’s called being a Christian and one of the reasons I started this blog. That is to reach out to even one or two people out there to come to Christ Jesus.

šˆšŒ š‚š‡š‘šˆš’š“šˆš€š

I’m sure that you all knew this about me already, I decided to give my life to Jesus Christ because I needed Him. I grew up thinking that being Christian is to say I’m Christian and not so much about practicing the word of God. I will share my testimony here really soon. This is not one of but the best decisions I have ever made.

šˆšŒ šŒš€š‘š‘šˆš„šƒ

After I gave my life to God, getting married was something that was quite often on my mind. In 2014 my husband and I got married ( both of us are Christians and are of the same faith). It has been a quiet journey but I should say that it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.

šˆšŒ š€š š„šš“š‘š„šš‘š„šš„š”š‘

With a lot of help, I started a wedding planning business a few years ago and I love what I do, I love helping brides turn their dream wedding vision to come to pass. I love seeing the joy and smiles on the bridal couple’s faces on the wedding day and the beautiful chic guest experience. I also venture into other businesses.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, to be honest with you, this is basically my life, maybe add a few things and that is my life.

Now, that you know three things about me, kindly share one thing about you? I love to know.

With Love, Pam

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