I had two reasons for deactivating my Netflix account, one more than the other but it came down to those two reasons.

Firstly, I was late in activating my account. I signed up somewhere mid or late 2019 and I liked it, I mean I now had access to the movies and series any time of the day and just the fact that I was not left out. Almost everyone in my circle had or is having Netflix, showMax or any other platform of entertainment.

Please don’t get wrong, there is nothing wrong with watching secular movies or series but for me, it was just becoming too much and it was consuming most of my time( no one to blame but me).

My number one reason for deactivating my Netflix account was that almost all the movies and series had improper relationships. The series would start well but along the way, some sort of improper relationship would sneak into the series seems to look normal. 𝐈 πƒπŽ ππŽπ“ 𝐇𝐀𝐓𝐄 π†π€π˜ ππ„πŽππ‹π„. My problem was that the entertainment industry is trying to make it look normal to be gay and to make sales at whatever cost. #mindset

Advertising is key for any business. People’s minds get to adapt fast and if that is why they are constantly showing in almost all of the movies and series, then people will think that it’s normal. And the moment we get to think that that is okay then we go against the word of God and that does not make us Christians anymore. We can’t have both.

I’m not saying that you should deactivate your account as well but I’m just stating why I deactivated my account. There are good movies and series on the platform but one wouldn’t know until you watch and that was a risk I was not willing to take.

That does not mean I don’t watch secular movies anymore, I do but rarely because I now opted to read and that is my second reason for deactivating my Netflix account. My time is now mostly spent on reading books and blogs.

It’s been serval months now and there are no regrets.

Until the next post.

With love, Pam

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