I should say that I love my job. Planning an event or wedding can be quite overwhelming but the end product and helping my brides is what mostly keeps me going.

I was exposed to several weddings growing up and little did I know that I would grow to be a wedding planner. My mother was or should say a cook and whenever she got a catering job during our school holidays, we would go with her to help her cut the carrots, wash pots, or anything that is there to be done. To be honest with you, I hated it but mother would give us extra pocket money afterwards and that I looked forward to.

Little did I know that the wedding exposure was surely growing in me. I loved my Accounting Job but the love of weddings in me could not resist anymore that I decided to go full time in weddings and events in 2015. A few months later I decided to take my career to a professional level, whereby I got training at the SA school of a weddings in wedding planning, function décor, and flower arranging. I have been planning weddings and events after that.

Being a wedding planner is basically to be a servant. You serve others and I love and enjoy helping people where I can. The only difference is that I get paid to help the bridal couple.

People at times ask, why weddings and events? And my answer is that weddings found me even way before I knew that, that there was a career called wedding planning. I would speak within myself that I could do better or give credit where it’s due whenever we were done cooking and taking the food in the wedding tent.

Namibia is my beautiful motherland that has so much potential and with all my love for weddings, planning, and all things beautiful, I’m hoping to grow in the Namibian wedding industry, to grow together with all the wedding suppliers to bring the Namibian wedding industry to a world-class standard.

And I would describe my wedding and event style as Modern, Minimal, and Chic.

Until next week, I will be sharing more about wedding planning and entrepreneurship as well.

Love, Pam

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