These are the top songs that were on repeat on my playlist during April. One thing about is that I love music.

I’m one of those people who drive, studies ad work with music in the background and these were my top 5.

In no particular order because every day I would wake up with a different song on my mind.

1. Closer – Maverick City

2.Only Jesus – Casting Crown

3. Hymn of Ages – Maverick City

4. I Thank God – Maverick City

5. To You – Maverick City

Yes, you have guessed it, Maverick City is one of my favorite worship groups at the moment. One thing I have learned from them is that God does look on the outside but the inside.

I always tell my cousin that those people are not singing but those are prayers (personal prayers) and my prayers for God to bless, protect and use them greatly.

Please share your top two favorite songs and I will gladly make time to listen to them.

Many blessings


Where words fail,

music speaks.

Hans Christian Anderson

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